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Welcome to the AGI Financial family, welcome to a new era in final expense. At AGI we understand what keeps you up at night, “How do I grow my client base while maximizing profitability in a highly competitive marketplace?”
We have created a paradigm shift in the way that the industry will look to solve
“retention and increased revenue streams.”
Our solution offers you a quick claim turn-around and your
downline agencies a simple solution with competitive compensation opportunities to
generate a renewed interest in securing sales, thus your agents
will have something new to talk about with their client.

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No longer are the days of one product and one solution.  We not only offer you training, mentorship and administrative support for your growing insurance business, but we also offer a line of product solutions designed to cover EVERY situation you face.  With aggressive market penetration, premier carrier options and exclusive distribution opportunities, The New Final Expense gives you the winning edge you need to be successful.

The Carrier Quality Makes All The Difference

When you partner with AGI Financial you also partner with the top rated life insurance carriers in America and abroad. Our carriers bring cutting edge technology, systems and strategies to the forefront of our ever changing marketplace. Contract with us today and discover the difference.



Inman Shipping Worldwide addresses the needs of an increasingly more mobile society. As careers and retirement take us to all corners of the country and even the world, Inman addresses the need to return the remains of a deceased loved one home. Inman coordinates the transport of the deceased from any part of the world to their final resting place. We oversee the entire situation, regardless of the distance involved, so that the sensitivities of the survivors are fully protected.

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Struggling to find high-quality insurance resources focused on helping the independent agent grow their business?
In an effort to capture the landscape of potential needs and interests for an independent agent, we’ve compiled a wide variety of content.
It was our goal to share a little bit of everything and let you decide which resources were the most helpful. This only showcases a small portion of the content we produce for insurance agents.